Ginevra & Ludovica. Two twins, two water droplets just like the ones intertwined in the logo, and the desire to give birth to a common project, that takes into account the dreams, the emotions and the experiences gained throughout all the numerous travels together. Travels that made us curious and permitted us to discover and deepen the passion for fabrics, embroideries, traditions and for that elegant, charming and casual lifestyle we try to express through our creations. Working side by side while creating each collection, we have similar styles, however each one of us has its own must: Ginevra loves lightness and necklines; Ludovica loves ¾ sleeves and back buttoning.

Timeless charming feminine. “We want to offer a charming and timeless way to wear an everyday, seasonless piece whose delicate lines make women feel the true meaning of beauty and elegance. Our mission is to communicate a sensual and casual femininity without any excess, just by being oneself.”

The caftan, a millenarian story. The caftan is the secret that every wardrobe should cherish: its ability to conjugate femininity and comfort, elegance and character, allows it to be the perfect passkey for every occasion.
It’s in Morocco, on a special spring day, that the caftan finds its roots, and it is the most craved dress by every young woman, the garment to wear in the most important occasions. In a short period of time it made its way from East to West as it became a new sophisticated way to get dressed. Starting from the Sixties it landed on the pages of Vogue with Diana Vreeland and became iconic.